Adventure Journal: Subscription Campaign

Graphic Design Campaign Strategy


Widely recognized as one of the most beautiful publications in the outdoor space, Adventure Journal (AJ) is pure inspiration from cover to cover. So when publisher Steve Casimiro approached us with a soulful project to drives subscriptions for the print journal—digitally—we were honored. We worked with AJ and dove in with a concepting phase, brainstorming potential campaign themes and creative feels based on our own appreciation for his creative work. We also analyzed the subscription ecom experience and provided checkout recommendations to smooth the purchase flow.

On the creative side, we landed on a testimonial campaign centered around the thoughts and impressions of the print journal experience, harnessing feedback and interviews from key industry influencers, early backers and dedicated subscribers. We aggregated quotes from folks such as Dan Nordstrom, Justin Housman, Dirk Collins, Danielle Kristmanson, Chris Burkard and Brendan Leonard, then created digital ads for their site and Daily Digest emails, as well as Facebook posts and subscription-driving emails. To finish the project, we did a redesign of their subscription page and checkout experience, emphasizing their brilliant creative in a new frame.