Canadian Mountain Holidays: Brand & Website Overhaul

Brand Strategy Website Design Email Marketing


When Canadian Mountain Holidays, the largest heli-ski operation in North America, came to us, they were looking for help attracting more first time heli-skiers and snowboarders. Their product was amazing, but their communications needed a definite overhaul. We started by developing an authentic new brand voice and look, taking into consideration what would resonate with their target audiences. Then, we built sales funnels that segmented their audience so they could serve specific content to specific prospects. Next, we completely reworked their digital presence, including a website redesign, display advertising, and email campaigns.

In the end it was pretty much a total marketing makeover that made CMH seem as cool and modern as a heli-skiing company should seem. But to be totally honest, it wasn’t really that hard to make them seem cool. We’re talking skiing, snowboarding and helicopters here folks.