Coleman Brand Photoshoot

Shoot Production Art Direction Casting

Coleman is the essence of camping comfortably. They always have been, creating quality outdoor products for over 100 years. For us at Hammerquist, Coleman was right there with us for our earliest memories as youngsters, getting out and learning about the great outdoors. Their tents, coolers, propane lanterns and stoves are nostalgic yet somehow still feel modern. When we learned Coleman was looking for an agency partner to produce and art direct a large-scale photoshoot—we leaped at the opportunity.

The only problem working with a company that produces so many awesome products was figuring out the shoot logistics to capture all those awesome products. But after warming up our brains by the fire and cracking a few cold ones from the Coleman cooler we devised a plan.

During an action packed three-day photoshoot, the Hammerquist and Coleman teams worked hand-in-hand together to overcome the logistical challenges of shipping, product packing, unpacking, tent setup, camping prep and a whole slew of other tasks to make a well choreographed three-day photoshoot a success.