eVent Fabrics: Website Overhaul

Website Design & Development


If there’s one thing outdoorsmen love besides being outdoors, it’s using the Internet to research gear. eVent has been making the world’s most revolutionary lightweight breathable fabrics for years. But they were relying on word of mouth for most of their success. Not easy to do when a big part of your audience loves being alone in the outdoors. Our goal was to completely elevate eVent’s online presence, giving them a visually powerful platform for introducing new categories and new technology while giving visitors a simple way to find partner products that use eVent fabrics. The new eVent site is extremely flexible, making it easy to add new products and features, additions can even be created on the fly using the Expression Engine CMS platform. And it’s fully responsive so no matter what kind of device it’s being viewed on, it’ll look fantastic.

Check out the site or scroll down to see some sample images - it’s further proof that a strong online brand is worth its weight in gold. Well, sometimes it’s worth a lot more than its weight in gold. Like when your brand is as lightweight as eVent.