HydraPak Brand Photoshoot

Shoot Production Art Direction ECOMMERCE WEB DESIGN

If you’ve produced a brand photoshoot, then you know that rarely do they follow nature’s timelines—quite the opposite really. Such was the case when HydraPak asked Hammerquist Studios to produce their annual photoshoot in California, their home state. With fall already in full swing, calls were made and Google Earth was consulted to identify shoot locations with a ‘year round aesthetic’ that would not highlight the rapidly changing fall colors.

Hammerquist Studios approached ‘young-veteran’ action sports and lifestyle photographer Paris Gore to join the project. After a month of planning, six athletes were selected through local networks, who provided incredible insights in helping locate gems within the permitted California countryside.

Produced in tandem with a Hammerquist led eCommerce update, the shot list targeted specific site locations and delivered an incredibly productive image library for HydraPak.