HydraPak OR Ads: Reinventing Hydration

Advertising Creative Design Photoshoot & Production Storytelling


Over the past decade HydraPak has quietly become an OE powerhouse, supplying technically innovative reservoirs and soft bottles to brands such as Osprey, Salomon, Dakine, Nathan, and The North Face. Earlier this year they approached Hammerquist to both elevate their own brand—with its own technical and diverse product lineup—as well as highlight some of their long-lasting and innovative partnerships with other leading brands in the outdoor space. In addition to crafting them a new brand statement and retooling their website brand pages to incorporate compelling imagery and storytelling elements, HydraPak asked us to develop a trade-focused print ad campaign to run during the summer Outdoor Retailer show. 

Eschewing a traditional product shot and headline strategy, we worked closely with the team at HydraPak to come to a novel concept: utilizing the familiar format of a magazine gear review to tell the story of how innovation in the hydration category is often overlooked and—especially in the case of HydraPak’s upcoming Spring 2019 lineup of performance products—deserves deeper consideration. Additionally, the ad format allowed for seamless integration of OE partner product and the ability to touch on the story of how the relationship HydraPak has with those partners has allowed for paradigm-shifting innovations in various outdoor sports. We ran all logistics on ad production—from a photo shoot at Earl Harper Studios in Seattle to final file delivery for publication—on a tight schedule so HydraPak could come to summer Outdoor Retailer with strong presence in line with their retooled brand image and direction.