Hydro Flask: Mindshift Mantras Microsite

Social Media / Content Strategy UX Website Design & Development


As Hydro Flask looked to expand into the branded content realm in a very authentic and credible way, they tapped the teams at Hammerquist to develop a strategy and create engaging content that spoke to its devoted audience. The first iteration was a Mindshift Mantra campaign that fused beautiful photography and powerful truths with a perspective that resonated from the heart of the brand—encouraging its biggest fans to take a moment to pause, notice and appreciate the small instances of inspiration in our everyday worlds. Interjecting originality and positivity into a sea of overwhelming social messages, the campaign focused on a social-first, mobile-first approach that guided users through an online quiz to create their own sharable Hydro Flask-style mantra. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with more than 90 percent of online users completing the quiz and the mantras populating both brand and fan feeds in the social universe.

Check out the site.