Osprey Media Planning

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By 2017 Osprey had a world-renowned, decades old reputation for making the highest quality packs in the outdoor business, and was the number one brand by volume for pack sales at REI. What they didn’t have was an ecommerce site to directly connect to their consumers. In addition to obvious benefits of opening a D2C sales funnel, Osprey was excited to use the opportunity to create more brand awareness as they expanded their presence in the travel and trail hydration spaces.

Osprey collaborated with Hammerquist, developing a go-to-market strategy around their D2C ecommerce launch while building customer profiles and look-alike audiences upon existing OIA personas. With three-year sales targets identified, we developed a comprehensive media strategy for the launch based on revenue goals and budget numbers, as well as a deep competitive and landscape analysis. Hammerquist also acted as the primary point of creative oversight and translation: communicating creative needs clearly and directing deliverables needed to execute a comprehensive digital media strategy spanning across multiple mediums to coincide with a successful launch.

Since the campaign launch in early February 2018, Osprey has enjoyed strong click-through rates across both paid search and display ads, conversion rate increases nearly every week, and a 20 percent increase in site visits year-over-year. At the six month mark, Hammerquist worked closely with the Osprey team to evaluate the next areas of creative focus for the ecommerce program, and realign sales targets and media tactics based on actual performance. On the media side, this was realized via optimized, conversion-driven ad spends, as well as recommendations for owned channels to help amplify the performance of the entire sales funnel—all while keeping brand integrity at the forefront and continuing to build the collaborative relationship between the studio and the brand.