Sage Fly Stories Campaign

Creative Concepting Design Photo Shoot & Production


If you think every landed fish has a tale to go along with it, you better believe every fly has one too. To usher in the 2018 Saltwater Season storytelling campaign for Sage, we developed an Instagram campaign linking the hand-crafted nature of Sage rods to the craftsmanship of fly tying. We put the flies front-and-center with vividly-detailed studio photography, again turning to our friends at Earl Harper Studios in Seattle.

Within each post, a micro-storytelling arc chronicles the unique backstory of how and where each fly was invented. The flies used in the campaign were tied by product developer Britta Fordice—who’s a renowned tyer in her own right outside of her day job at Sage—providing a nice additional touch of color and cultural connection for the company to round out a successful short-run social campaign.