Sage: Seasonal Storytelling

Graphic Design Website Design & Development Email Campaign


When Sage looked to expand their brand storytelling around deep seasonal themes, they partnered with the content and creative teams at Hammerquist to elevate their presentation and tap into the true, visceral experience of two-handed fishing. The team harnessed transportive editorial-style storytelling from one of the best writers in flyfishing then paired it with inspiring images from a photographer based in an epicenter of Salmon and Steelhead fishing. To bring it all together we developed an entirely new design framework that allowed Sage to tell the story of the season on their site with an extremely compelling, culturally relevant feel.

To round out the entire campaign storytelling experience, we integrated gear recommendations, how-to videos and supplemental brand content—then carved it up into a seasonal storytelling email campaign that received an extremely positive response from a very loyal following. The Sage team was blown away by the result—calling the storytelling pages a “game-changer” and signing us up to develop an entire year of credible and cultural content campaigns that emphasized the real emotion and experience of flyfishing.