Sage: Spectrum Reels Campaign

Design Print Advertising


When Sage shined a spotlight on their new state-of-the-art Spectrum line of reels we concepted and created an all-new print ad campaign to visually encapsulate the premium nature of their product. We analyzed stories and visuals within the industry and landed on utilizing striking, ultra-premium, high-detail studio photography in order to set Sage apart. A compelling visual story component was incorporated by matching each reel to a classic fly and a specific fishing focus-which also provided an authentic way to segment each reel by intended use and target fish.

Concept to ad creation was overseen by Hammerquist Senior Art Director—and avid angler—John Ide. John directed a Harper Studios shoot in Seattle with hand-selected reels and flies, and worked closely with Sage to dial-in print ads that jump off the pages of some of the most iconic publications—from The Flyfish Journal to The Drake—in the fly-fishing community. The format was well received by both the client and the angling community, establishing a brand storytelling angle Sage and Hammerquist will build upon for future product launches.