SCARPA: Customizing Magento 2

Website Design Development Ecommerce UX Platform Integration


Outdoor brands have long looked to “pro purchase” or “pro deal” sales segments to be a significant portion of yearly revenue. In the past, entire teams of employees have manually managed applications and order placement for this particular sales funnel. SCARPA asked us for a seamlessly integrated digital pro sales solution to accompany the completely new website and ecommerce system we were building for them.

Utilizing significant custom development of the Magento 2.1 platform, Hammerquist built all-new admin pages to manage the records of new and existing pro applicants as well as auto-approvals based on email domain. In addition, we created a bulk list upload function to allow professional user groups (like the Professional Ski Instructors of America) to provide email lists that will auto-generate a pro purchase program approval when an individual on the list creates an account on