Summit at Snoqualmie: Brand Redesign

Graphic Design Campaign Strategy


The Summit at Snoqualmie holds a special place in the hearts of Hammerquist staffers. Just 50 minutes east of our office in downtown Seattle, it’s comprised of four distinct ski areas—Summit West, Summit Central, Summit East, and Alpental—offering different riding options and distinct base area characteristics and cultures. Ample lighting over excellent terrain lets us scratch that itch for pow turns when it’s dumping on a school night, so we don’t only have to be weekend warriors.

With most everyone at Hammerquist being multi-season pass holders at the Summit, we were thrilled to take on a creative project focused on rebranding our home mountain, and honored to be given the opportunity. The heart of the project included a new logo—based on a foundation of strategic positioning work—that was able to speak to the Summit’s unique resort layout.

“We developed a clean, modern system that uses color to create distinction between the four Snoqualmie Pass resorts. The Cascade-inspired color palette—reminiscent of the sea, trees, mountains, and high-alpine lakes—brand each area at the Summit separately. Together in the “Four Summits” logo, they bring cohesion to the brand across all their properties.”
Joe Erfle, Senior Art Director

With the northwest on the cusp of a solid La Niña winter and some fresh Hammerquist Studios handiwork to greet us each trip up to the Summit, as you can imagine, stoke around the office is at an all-time high. And don’t worry, Alpentalics, Alpental will retain its existing mark, which the new “Four Summits” logo was designed to be complementary to.