Superfeet Server Migration

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It wasn’t long ago that Superfeet only offered their classic blue and green insoles, used primarily by outdoor shops to enhance the performance, comfort, and fit of ski or hiking boots. By 2017, however, they were offering 30+ types of insoles specific to 10 different activity categories, making their own branded footwear, and selling it all via a growing ecommerce channel on their website. As often happens, their site infrastructure was comprised of various technical pieces, some of which they didn’t have complete control over. They tasked Hammerquist to migrate their server over to a more stable hosting platform they retained control over, and ensure their website was 100% PCI compliant.

We did a deep dive into Superfeet’s complex existing site to understand the code and infrastructure, and interviewed key technical and business stakeholders on their teams at the outset. From here we migrated the site to AWS, upgrade PHP, run testing, and deploy this new environment. During the course of the project we took the opportunity to fix bugs and code inconsistencies we discovered, implement performance improvements, and help the client with the server build and security group setup in AWS, all while working in tandem with their ERP manager to make sure all ecommerce orders flowed smoothly. We are now the go-to experts for Superfeet when questions about their site arise and they’ve signed us up to develop and implement a second round phase of website enhancements for them.