Timberline Lodge & Ski Area: Website Redesign

Website Design & Development


There’s no denying the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood is an absolute icon in the realm of mountain culture in the Pacific Northwest, so we leapt at the opportunity to create an all-new, modern website for them, capturing and paying homage to their history and the stunning natural beauty surrounding the lodge and ski area. Early on we identified Timberline’s need and desire to amplify their brand character and put an emphasis on the family-friendly, locally-owned nature of their business. The ski area and the lodge are so storied and iconic, they could warrant their own websites. The challenge was creating a website with striking design that allows both skiers and lodge visitors to quickly and seamlessly navigate to the information required to plan their visit to Mt. Hood.

“The pristine, high-alpine landscape of the upper reaches of the ski area were a starting point for design inspiration. Visually, we wanted it to be uncluttered and, from a UX standpoint, simple to navigate,” said Hammerquist Senior Art Director, John Ide. The content team at Hammerquist performed an exhaustive audit of the Timberline’s previous site to identify the key pieces that would need to be transferred over, and gave everything a thorough edit for brevity and clarity. In addition, we travelled down to the Lodge to learn first-hand about its history from the Timberline team and to identify key storytelling opportunities to bring more character to Timberline’s brand for the new website.

With a September launch just in time for the first measurable snowfall of the season on Mt. Hood, the new Timberline Lodge and Ski Area website has received rave reviews from management and increased engagement from their fans and prospective new visitors.