Unleashing the Potential of the Homepage

Our friends at Hydro Flask came to us for a redesign of their homepage. Their goals? Better visibility of their varied website content, increased product breadth awareness, and clear displays of color—ultimately conveying a message of fun and inclusivity—Hydro Flask brand staples. We answered with a multidimensional homepage refresh, upending all aspects of their current homepage, to provide fresh solutions to their goals. We started by moving from a single-message layout to a featured marquee + story grid mix of content. This offered a stage for new storytelling opportunities, letting Hydro Flask feature their key content while keeping their secondary messages visible to catch the interest of both new and returning website visitors.

To show Hydro Flask's growing product offerings at a glance, we built an interactive product category bar and provided an element of fun by animating in specific category products upon hover. This section allows quick access to product pages, streamlining the shopping experience no matter which device the visitors are browsing on.

Less visible, but just as rewarding, is the fact that all pieces of the redesigned homepage were developed with full admin control. This was geared towards the goal of fresher post-launch content. Putting the keys to the car in the hands of Hydro Flask means more consistent updates, seamless product and content launches, and ultimately a site that is showing a fresh face to its website visitors each time they stop by to say hello.