Werner Paddles Website Design and Development

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Since carving their first paddle 50 years ago, Werner has become the world’s leading paddle brand. Based in the Pacific Northwest, they’re well known for achieving some remarkable breakthroughs in what is essentially a 9000 year old industry. But while they’d made amazing strides in the paddle industry, their web presence wasn’t as far downstream.

That’s where we stepped in. We took on everything from IA and UX to the full design and site build. We built the site using Expression Engine, resulting in a fully-responsive digital showcase for the Werner brand and all of its products. We also gave the site a blog, social integrations with Facebook and Twitter, a dealer finder based on Google Maps, and even a paddle fit tool. So you can find your perfect paddle without leaving the house. We’ve sure come a long way from the days of having to carve your own paddle from the tree in front of your cave. Check out their site.